A new season!

Hey everyone, considering all the positive feedback I got from the blog last year, I decided to continue it this summer…albeit much less formally. (Last year I was writing it for school). This summer Brian and I are working at Luna Bleu Farm in South Royalton, Vermont.

driving down to South Royalton from Burlington

driving down to South Royalton from Burlington

Check out their website: http://lunableufarm.org/

They have a veggie CSA, 2 farmers markets, about 20 Red Devon beef cattle, meat birds, one milk cow, and occasionally laying hens and hogs. The farmers are Suzanne Long and Tim Sanford, and they have been at it for over 20 years, so we are sure to learn a lot.

This year we have upgraded from a canvas tent in the woods with an oil lamp to a big room in a barn with a kitchen, running water, and electricity! woo!!!


new room




As you may have noticed, I changed the blog address and title and Brian will be writing as well.
We both had very fun and fruitful spring semesters but we’re excited to be back at it!

Love, Brian and Sidney

3 thoughts on “A new season!

  1. Fabulous! Are we still going to get a chance to see you anytime, or did we miss our window? Hoping yes… Let us know. You are both welcome anytime.

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