Week 9: July 6-10



After the rain of June, July has been off to a sunny start. We spent a good portion of every morning harvesting for the CSA, our 2 farmer’s markets, and wholesale orders from the Coop and a few local restaurants. The shares are getting bigger and bigger each week, and after a bit of a lull at market after plant sales ended, we are back to filling every nook and cranny of the van to make all the produce fit.

The CSA share from Ju;y 6th

The CSA share from Ju;y 6th


basil plants are lush and loving the warm weather

In the afternoons, we weeded and hoed all over the farm. We finished weeding the carrots, leeks, and beets; hoed the brussel sprouts, cabbages, and sweet corn, as well as miscelaneous pathways. We also kept up with transplanting out cauliflower, kohlrabi, more sunflowers, romanesco, fall broccoli, and more salanova and head lettuce.

Freshly transplanted romanesco cauliflower

Freshly transplanted romanesco cauliflower

In a few spare moments we staked out and strung up the tomatillos and the field tomatoes. All of the tomatoes that we are growing for eating are in the greenhouses and receive a lot more attention, but we are growing tomatoes for paste and for seed out in the field as well.

field tomatoes

field tomatoes

The tomatoes have come a long way

The greenhouse tomatoes have come a long way

Brian with a big Hogheart tomato

Brian with a big Hogheart tomato

Heirloom tomatoes!


This week Lily started work! She is about our age and will be taking over as full-time once we leave. For now she is coming 3 days a week, which gives us a total of 5 extra workers.



During the week, two more cows calved! there are now 5 calves hanging out with the home herd, and soon we will be putting the bull back in some the mix to breed some of the cows and heifers.


A new calf

A new calf

It has been great to have so much sunny weather. it has been hot, but it has been nice to be able to go swimming, hiking, and biking more often recently. This weekend we went up to the Adirondacks to go camping with 3 of our high school friends! We swam in the lakes and I got to do some fishing. On Sunday Brian and I took a quick detour to hike up Baxter Mountain on the way home.

View from Baxter Mountain  in the Adriondacks

View from Baxter Mountain in the Adirondacks



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