Week 12: July 27 – August 2


The theme of this week was unequivocally garlic harvesting. We had a huge crew of people come to help out and got nearly all of the garlic out of the field by the end of Friday.


On Monday, we harvested for CSA, which included the very first harvest of potatoes! We also brought in over 600 pounds of tomatoes.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we were joined by not only our regular crew but also 2 new workers, Clara and Riley, and Suzanne’s sister Sylvia to help with the garlic harvest. Garlic is one of my favorite crops to harvest because of the satisfying feeling of pulling it out of the ground, the act of harvesting food in the summer to eat all year long, and because it is one of the only things standing with the ground gets plowed in the spring, so it feels like a crop that ties together all the seasons. It sure was hot, though- phew! The temperature rose above 90 every day last week, and on Wednesday it was muggy with absolutely no wind. We had to go jump in the pond midday and in the river after work to cool off.

mountain of wrapped round bales for next winter

mountain of wrapped round bales for next winter

Wednesday evening, we visited Cedar Mountain Farm at Cobb Hill Cohousing, which is run by Stephen Leslie and Carrie Gewalt. Stephen wrote an excellent book about modern farming with draft power that Brian and I both use for both reference and inspiration, and it was so exciting to see his Fjord horses in action. They also have a herd of registered Jerseys that they pasture using management-intensive grazing, and we got to see some of the new calves and moms. I felt so lucky to be there- witnessing the work some of the most creative, intelligent minds of the new horse-powered generation.

Stephen Leslie driving his team of Fjord horses

Stephen Leslie driving his team of Fjord horses

Stephen talking about his  cultivating implements

Stephen talking about his cultivating implements

Jersey calf

Jersey calf

On Thursday the garlic harvest continued– only there was a threat of rain, so we had to sort it and bunch it as we went in case a storm came on suddenly and we had to throw it all in the truck. We also got 2 new batches of meat birds– Cornish Cross and Freedom Rangers.

baby chicks

baby chicks

On Friday, my mom came to town!!! She helped us out all day with the harvest for the Saturday farmer’s market, from vegetables to flowers to making salsa in the afternoon. Friday night we went to the Sable Project’s Friday gathering again (artist residency non-profit + commune + CSA farm). Mom loved it.


On Saturday Brian went to market with Suzanne and mom and I took a baking class at King Arthur Flour, which was really fun. We fired up the pizza oven Saturday night, and on Sunday we went on a walk up the pastures and then went swimming and got burgers for lunch.

popped in to visit Suzanne and Brian at the market!

popped in to visit Suzanne and Brian at the market!


We are looking forward to the exciting weeks of farming and weekend plans ahead, but I was surprised to look at a calendar and realize we only have three weeks left!


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  1. Sidney and Brian

    I love your blog.

    Sid – what do you want for your birthday? What is your address?


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