Moving out to Pasture


This past week, our birds have continued to grow at an alarming rate and are feathering out nicely. They have started eating a mix of chick feed and adult feed, and by tomorrow they should be eating only adult feed. We have been using Green Mountain Feeds organic chick starter mash, and are now switching to their organic broiler grower crumbles. Each feed has slightly different proportions of protein, fat, fiber, and minerals. We are also tossing in a little bit of grit (aka pebbles) for the birds’ digestion– creepy dinosaur stuff.

Over the weekend, Brian and I spent Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday finishing the outdoor pens, which were more complicated than we realized when designing them, and involved several drawbacks, such as pulling jammed staples out of the staple gun about 20 times. We finally got them out onto pasture by sundown, just in time for a beautiful sunset and a warm first night out.


Brian putting finishing touches on the pen


Chickens enjoying grass for the first time!


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