Weeks 23 & 24: August 7-18

Hi folks! Peak summer is upon us, which means that we’re all busy and tired, so this will one will be short. I’m going to highlight a few fun things, but most of all we’ve been trying to keep up with all of the everything that August heaps on us. Plants say “grow grow GROW!” and I say “sheesh! take it easy, will ya?!”


indian pipes spotted on a hike

I spread a whole lot of our mineral blend on the fallow fields, which is mostly lime but also contains a custom mix of minerals to adjust our nutrient balance. Following those applications David incorporated the minerals with a disc and then sowed oats and peas, which are now beautifully germinated and taking root! All of these fields being sowed to their winter cover crop gives such peace of mind and feels like a lot of work is behind us.


Brian plowing!

In the last two weeks, Owen was on vacation for a week and then Anna the next. In their absences, many of us had to shift our normal responsibilities to cover for them, but we made it work. Owen came back with his partner Ryann and their sweet pup Briony! She wasn’t able to stay for very long, but it was great to meet the rest of Owen’s family. Rounding out the VIP visit list was a visit from Hunter Link, apprentice from 2015, Brian’s sister Helen on my birthday, Helen AGAIN with Brian’s parents, and Owen and Ryann’s friend Paige. Lastly, Brian and I made a quick sojourn to Boston to see our friend Andrew from high school and his whole family. Also in the people department: Gaelen’s last day was this past Friday, and we will miss just everything about him!


flowers from Helen and David


kids in rain suits, sharing a bike for efficiency and hilarity


Andrew and Brian in Boston


Owen? eggplant?


Shoutout to Helen, who brought me chocolate and flowers on my birthday, and then came back two weeks later with a chocolate cake!!! Also to Anna who made blueberry pie for my birthday, and David who brought me sunflowers at breakfast!


Brian moving the chicken coop in the morning fog


CSA barn


buckwheat in full bloom

Anna being gone was a bit rough- but illuminating! I subbed for her in the CSA barn, not just during pickups, but keeping it stocked throughout the week. David took over her home responsibilities and field seeding.


selling local flowers, mushrooms, peaches, and apples at the CSA stand

We’ve been renovating the berries, which involves taking out the old canes that fruited this year and trellising up the new canes which will fruit next year. More on that next time.


berries: before


berries: after

We’ve gotten into edamame, watermelons, cantaloupe, and a bumper crop of broccoli. We also took in all of our onions, which was surprisingly fast and quite satisfying to be done with.

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We have so much produce right now that a lot is going to wholesale- squash, zucchini, eggplants, kale, parsley, and eggs.

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Summer is busy!



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